Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Fresh Kicks

Every family has their Christmas traditions.

My family alike many have old and new traditions. One of our newest traditions is our ugly Christmas sweater party on Christmas Eve. Although, the winner of the ugliest sweater gets a prize, I never intend on wearing the “ugliest” sweater. However, I do intend on wearing the freshest kicks.

My big brothers and I turn it into our own contest; pair a Christmas sweater with a fresh pair of kicks.

My brothers and I don’t have the typical sibiling rivalry. We love each other and we love our sneakers too. So instead of a sibling rivalry we have an ongoing sneaker rivalry.

It’s always a competition to see who can cop the hottest sneakers, who can stack their closet with the most heat, and who can rock their sneakers the freshest.

We talk a lot of crap, but it’s all fun and games for us. Our family Christmas Eve party is a way to show off our favorite pick ups over the past year.

This year, Christmas came to us in the form of a winter snow storm. Everybody’s wants a white Christmas, right?

Right. However, five to seven inches of snow is not what you want for your sneakers. Luckily, we aren’t new to this, and the show still went on. My brother Mike, even brought his sneakers along with him in his Shrine bag.

This year, we welcomed my brother Kyle’s girlfriend, Ebony into the sneaker fold. She’s a new chxwithsole, but don’t be fooled, her closet is already racking up some heat.

For the Christmas occasion, Ebony unboxed her Air Jordan 11 “Stingray.”

Kyle, also brought out his new in box, Air Jordan 1 High “Top 3.”

Mike brought out his rare seen Air Jordan 6 “Carmine.”

I, was not in the Jordan club this year, but I always brought out of box my, Reebok Question x Teyana Taylor “Primal Red.”

Competition or no competition, I love my sneakers and my family. The holiday season is my favorite time of year to enjoy both my sneakers and family together.