Sole CHX: Chelsea

My sneaker style is just like me, chilled and laid back. I’m not trying to do too much.”

I don’t remember the exact day I met Chelsea. However, I do remember the day I peeped her shoe game. Our last year before we graduated from the University of Michigan, we both were in the same student organization. I remember particularly at one meeting we had, she walked in with the OG ‘Barons.’ “I like those shoes,” I said admiring them. Another cop I had blindly missed out on. Either way, I noticed Chels had the sauce… The parka, the joggers, and the perfect sneaker to top off the chill fit. Her sneaker style reminds me so much of my own.

Aside from her laidback style, as with every Sole CHX, there’s more to Chelsea than just her sneakers. Yes, we all dream of a beautiful sole collection, but we have other dreams as well. With plans to attend graduate school next year she is an aspiring global health research scientist and plans to travel to countries in the developing world to study infant and child mortality.

Before you catch her on a plane in the hottest sneakers on her way to save the world, catch her here first. Take a look inside the sneaker style of my sneaker twin, Chelsea.

What inspires your style?

My brother originally inspired my sneaker style. I was and kind of and still am a girly tomboy. Growing up with a older brother I wanted to immolate everything he did. I saw him wearing sneakers and that made me start wearing sneakers too. On Jordan release dates he would buy both him of us a pair. For some odd reason though he stopped once we got older and I feel some type of way now that I think about it.

First pair of shoes you feel in love with?

Some low top white Air Force 1s with the navy blue check on the side. I remember the day my daddy got those for me in the 2nd grade. We had to sneak to get them because my mom only let me wear K-Swiss because she claimed my feet were too narrow for anything else. I literally had every pair and every color of K-Swiss you could think of and I hated it! I remember I got home hype to show my brother my new shoes and as soon as my mom saw them she was pissed. She looked at my daddy and said, “Why would you buy her those ugly boy shoes?” and that’s  the exact moment my sneaker addiction started. I put the plastic bag in the front of them so they wouldn’t crease and I was on my way.

So it sounds like you’ve always been a Nike Girl?

I wear Nike by default. All my shoes are lowkey Nike. Or Jordans, so basically Nike. Nike always gets it right for the women. There’s always something cute.

How could you describe your sneaker style?

My sneaker style is just like my personality, chilled and laid back. I’m not trying to do too much. Just give me a t-shirt and I’ll figure the rest out.

Your go to sole?

I don’t really have one to be honest. My go to sole is usually the newest pair of shoes I get at that time. I’m weird, I’ll wear a pair of new shoes out damn near every chance I get then put them back in their box (cause yeah I keep all my shoe boxes) then end up not putting them back on for months.

Then what is your next new pair? What releases are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the new colorways of the Nike Air VaporMax Plus. I’ve been leaning towards grabbing more comfy athletic shoes. I copped the VaporMax Plus ‘Fuchsia Blast’ and I just got the Vapormax 2.0 in the ‘Rust Pink’ colorway. I love my VaporMax soles, they’re comfy AND stylish. You can’t go wrong with that.

Key essentials in your closet to style with your sneakers?
Jacket, jeans, and a t-shirt. This is what I’m wearing 90% of the time if you catch me out. You can’t go wrong with these three items.

Do those key essentials change with the seasons? I remember when I peeped you crispy off the parka in the winter. With the fall season around the corner, what does your fall style look like?

Honestly, I don’t really wear my sneakers a lot in the summer. I add sneakers to my rotation more in the fall. Then I pair them with a parka or a biker jacket. Something light.

Your favorite sneaker in your collection?

My favorite shoe in my collection has to be the Jordan 1 Bred Toe. One’s are my favorite Jordan in general they’re so cute and you can pair them with literally any outfit from a dress to some sweats to a pair of dress pants. They literally look sweet with anything.

Advice to other CHX who aren’t necessarily sneakerheads, but looking to buy or style their sneakers?

If you are looking to buy I would say definitely download a few sneaker apps likes SNKRS and CONFIRMED they keep me hip to the latest shoes. In terms of how to style your sneakers I would say just go with what you feel comfortable with. Nowadays you can wear anything and pull it off so be you. If you feel comfortable with your outfit choice and you feel like you killing’em, KILL’EM BOO!

Photography: Cyrus Tetteh

Stylist: Vince Starks

Assistant Stylist & Creative Director: Darbee Pass