She’s the 1 | Nike 1 Reimagined

Women of the sneakerhead culture are more times than often overlooked by the men and the male athletes that dominate the sneaker community, from fashion to blogs, right down to the sneakers.

Nike has been putting plays in motion to change that.

Last year Aleali May became the second female collaborator on Air Jordans with the release of the Aleali May Air Jordan 1. We’ve just seen 10 women’s exclusive colorways of the Air Jordan 1 as a part of the “Season of Her” pack and we will see more women’s exclusive in the coming months. For now, Nike will release maybe its biggest undertaking yet: Nike 1 Reimagined, a women’s exclusive release which offers ten totally new takes on the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Force 1.

The Air Jordan 1 and Air Force 1 are inarguably the most iconic sneakers in the history of the Nike brand. After all the Air Jordan 1 was the shoe that started it all for Jordan brand and at one point we were all once “Stomping in my Air Force 1s.” 

This time a team of 14 women are behind “The 1s”. ( Yes, a team of all women designing sneakers! ) Nike footwear director, Andy Caine tapped Georgina James to lead the reimagination team. The group includes Marie Crow, Magnhild Disington, Jacqueline Schoeffel and Chiyo Takahashi from color and material, along with footwear designers Shamees Aden, Reba Brammer, Melusine Dieudonne, Jin Hong, Angela Martin, Kara Nykreim, Marie Odinot, Louisa Page and Jesi Small. 

From start to finish the women only had two weeks to knock out ten designs, with only one objective: “Make some cool shit.” Read more on the story on Nike News.

The “cool shit” that resulted were five different Air Jordan 1s and five different Air Force 1s inspired by five personas created by the team: Explorer, Lover, Sage, Rebel, and Jester. These interpretations represent specific personas relatable to today’s fashion-forward woman. Each persona has details to match its personality—adventurous asymmetrical silhouettes, velvet linings, a corset lacing system while each creation is dressed in a crisp white. 

All ten designs will be available in women’s sizing up to a size 12 on February 7th at and the Nike SNKRS app. See the detailed specific retail pricing information and all ten Nike 1 Reimagined styles below. 

Air Jordan 1 “Sage” | $160
Air Jordan 1 “Lover” | $130
Air Jordan 1 “Jesters” | $160
Air Jordan 1 “Explorer | $145
Air Jordan 1 “Rebel” | $145
Air Force 1 “Sage” | $120
Air Force 1 “Lover” | $120
Air Force 1 “Jester” | $120
Air Force 1 “Explorer” | $150
Air Force 1 “Rebel” | $160