Royalty, Royalty, Royalty | Royal Purple

I can admit I was a few months late to the FENTY x PUMA Creeper wave. Two of my older brothers and I have a ‘P Block Sneakerheads’ iMessage group chat (lol we grew up on Detroit’s West side on Pembroke St.).  I remember when they sent me the first release like, “Cop?” And any true sneakerhead knows that a picture of a sneaker and a picture of the same sneaker ‘on feet’ are two totally different pictures. And if you didn’t know now you know. I saw the picture of the original tan/gum suede Creepers and it was a no for me dawg. But, then after that first release and seeing them ‘on feet’ all around sneaker blogs and social media, I was HURT. I couldn’t believe I willingly missed a good cop.

Fast forward to the December ’16 Velvet ‘Royal Purple’ release.

This colorway was apart of the ‘Velvet’ collection which featured two other colorways: black and grey. But, the purple really had me crushin.

Laced in a full monochromatic colorway, the dark shade of purple canvases the entire sneaker from the platform midsole to the waxed laces. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with gold, so the metallic gold foil branding on these are my favorite feature as they add the perfect royal touch.

The Velvet seemed to be the wave of the season with other releases such as the GS (grade school sizing) exclusive Air Jordan Heirness collection which featured the Velvet ‘Night Maroon’ Retro 1s and 11s.

Velvet always makes me think of royalty and is a easy way to dress up or down with your sneakers, whatever suits your style.

Unfortunately, this velvet colorway is sold out everywhere by now, but if you’re looking to add unique soles like these to your closet stayed tuned for announcements on New Soles for upcoming FENTY x PUMA Creeper releases, I know Rih has some heat coming our way!


Styles: StylesbyP

Photography: Cyrus Tetteh