OG From to Head to Toe | Air Jordan 3 OG “Black Cement”

Before Nike SNKRS, before online raffles, and before StockX, we used to cop our Saturday Air Jordan releases the original (OG) way. And by OG I mean my older brother walking down to Footlocker to wait in line for a pair for him and a pair for me. I never knew him surprising me with the latest releases would turn into an obsession of mine. Pretty soon I had a sole collection of my own.

As my collection grows, I become more and more particular about what I let in and out of it. I’m at the point where I’m trying not to collect too many of the same colorways and silhouettes. If it stands out on my feet, I want it to stand out in my closet. Design wise I’m currently in love with bright colors, luxury materials, and fabrics such as satin and gold tings. But, all that goes out the window when an OG comes around.

In Air Jordan terms, OG just means the original colorway and design. Every year Jordan Brand re-releases aka retros some classic OG models in new color schemes and sometimes with new design elements. OG models are precious since they’re usually better quality and are throwbacks to ’90s and early 2000s nostalgia.

Throw it back to 1988 when the Air Jordan Black Cement 3 was originally released. It went on to be retroed in 1994, 2001, 2008, and 2011. However, it hadn’t seen the original “Nike Air” branding on it’s heel since 2001, which made this past February’s release highly sought after since the classic branding is what every sole collector has been waiting for.

The 2018 retro is nothing short of iconic. The black upper features a tumbled leather paired with a cement and fire red colorway. Elephant print sits along the toe box and heel underneath the classic OG branding. My favorite feature of these is the red tongue lining, subtle, yet just enough color to stand out.

The Black Cement 3 is one of the most beloved Air Jordan models of all-time and I’m proud to have added this OG to my sole collection.

After all, I come from a family of collectors. 

Before my Grandmother passed, she had collected well over 100 hats of all colorways and designs. She even had her own personal hat designer ’cause styling in and outside of church was serious business. I chose to pair my favorite red lining feature of the shoe with one of my favorite red hats that I was able to cop from her collection. Grandma had her hats, I got my soles.

Styles: StylesbyP

Photography: Cyrus Tetteh