chxwithcodeHey! My name is Naomi, better known as Nome.

I am a software engineer by profession and a sole collector by pro-FRESH-ion.

My love for sneakers fuels from growing up with four older brothers.

I remember when Saturday Air Jordan releases were a HUGE deal and my brother would walk down to the Footlocker right off of  West 7 Mile & Livernois (Detroit) and come back with two pair: one for him and one for me. Talk about spoiled. The first pair that I remember falling in love with were the ‘06 Citrus 7 Air Jordan Retros. I was 13 and got my first “heart eyes” over a pair of sneakers and not the typical boy crush. The rest is a forever love story…

I have always followed a number of sneaker blogs and I have always had a love for sneakers and sneaker culture. I noticed that these blogs were never really geared towards the women of the sneaker culture. “Excuseeee me, we matter too!” We’re more than the “exclusive GS’ releases of pink and purple colorways. So, I thought why not represent for us! and start a blog dedicated to all my chx out there with a love for soles. A sneaker blog where I could showcase my ever expanding sneaker collection, which new releases have me crushin’. And to also give some inspiration on how to style your sneakers in a dope feminine way.

I invite you to come along on this sole searching journey with me and I hope you enjoy the wave!