Photo by: Cyrus Tetteh

Sole CHX: Naomi

I just want a girly girl that own a rack of Jordans, but don’t sport em cause she love her pumps.

 The Trip x Wale

Bull. Get you a girl that can do BOTH.

What inspires your style?

Growing up with all older brothers I was kind of sucked into their styles. I remember one Christmas my dad brought two of my brothers and I matching jean outfits. Baggy jean jackets and matching jeans, I was not pleased, but I know I was fresh. Then, on the otherhand, I was my mother’s only girl, so she wanted me to finally be her little doll to style.

So, what’d I do? I did both.

I was the little girl in middle school rocking pleated skirts and Timbs. Whew. Thank God I finally found my style.

Aside from my family inspiring my style, I’d also say disregarding the norm inspires my sneaker style. Girls shouldn’t be put into this “girly” style box that has been created for us.

How would you describe your sneaker style?

My style is Tom Girly. It’s forsure rooted in my upbringing. My style for the day is always dependent on my mood and what I’m feeling. Some days I’m feeling “girly” and still want to throw on some sneakers and a dress, so that’s what I do. Other days I might be more in a comfy mood and just prefer everything oversized, but always with a touch of girl.

First pair you fell in love with?

The first pair I fell in love with were the 2006 Citrus 7 Air Jordan Retros.

They are the most beautiful 7s colorway (I have no time to debate lol). They’ve got this pretty smooth black suede with red and orange accents. Ohh baby.

And, what really makes them stand out is this orange contrast stitching. I definitely like my shoes to stand out.

Your go to soles?

My Nike Tanjun sandals. They’re so so comfortable. I probably wore them everyday this past summer. They’re a cute, comfy, and inexpensive cop that I definitely would recommend.

Your favorite sneaker in your collection?

My favorite sneaker would have to definitely be my KD 7 Aunt Pearls. They’ll be featured as a part of my sole collection soon on chxwithsole, so stay tuned for that fire.

What releases are you looking forward to?

Still waiting on Nike to re-release my first babies. Those Citrus 7’s. A girl can dream, right?

Photo by: Cyrus Tetteh

Key essentials in your closet to style with your sneakers?

Keys in my closet would definitely be any of my  KustomKapz hats, I think they sometimes get more love than my sneakers when I’m out. Also, anything jean is another key. No jacket to match? Throw on the jean one. Oh! I can’t forget socks. Major key. My friend and stylist taught me that not too long ago. “Always, yes to the socks girl.”

Advice to other chx who aren’t necessarily sneakerheads, but looking to buy or style sneakers?

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Don’t limit yourself to those exclusive pink and purple colorways of sneakers made just for us chx, you can still be that “girly girl” with the same rack of jordans your man, brother, or daddy got.